Free 06: The Story Of Dave

Dave Johnson ran a small rug cleaning business in Central City. He had a name for the business that told clients exactly what he did – Dave’s Superior Carpet Cleaning. After doing some research on what other cleaners in the area charged, he determined that his rates were right in the middle – not too high, and not too low.

Dave had higher aspirations, though. He wanted to do better than just squeek by. He wanted to make enough money to support his family comfortably, but he also wanted to have the time to spend with them. Dave wanted to make more money than his competition, and work fewer hours. He saw some of the cleaning businesses in other cities with their large, flashy trucks and new he could do just as well himself.

While Dave was looking for help, he came across – Agile’ Marketing’s training system on increasing his wealth as a Recognized Expert. Dave looked it over and decided that the cost was worth it, and he’d give it a try.

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