Gold 01: The 5 Principles Of RecEx Status

Epic Backstory


You must be the hero of your own story, taking responsibility for everything good and bad that happens to you. Outside forces may affect you, but final control rests with you.

Origin story:

You must have a repeatable story of your beginnings. It should be iconic – simple in words and imagery, easy to understand.

Heroic journey:

Your origin story must take you to higher highs and lower lows than an “ordinary” person. Listeners must be impressed and awed by both extremes.

Fatal flaw:

Superman was boring because he could not be beaten. That’s when the creators introduced Kryptonite. Even your fatal flaw must be bigger than life.


Restricted Access

Upstream communication barriers:

It must be difficult for your followers to talk to you, or to see you in person. Downward communication – from you to them – should be easy (for them) via books, videos, courses & info from your inner circle.


A secret language, terms that “only the initiated can fully understand” is essential. It makes your followers feel included, and makes them feel like they’re excluding others.

High costs:

Downward communication of basic information should be easy and cheap (not free). Advanced information, training courses, and face-to-face instruction should be increasingly expensive in terms of cash and investment of time and other resources. Value to an individual is proportionate to what they have given up to get the information.

Hiding place:

You need a location where – and time when – you are inaccessible even to your inner circle. Familiarity breeds contempt. Inaccessibility breeds value. You should tell your followers in general where your hiding place is only if it inspires a desire to be in a similar place (private island, expensive hotel, etc.).



Limited time:

Do not have an “open door policy” or “drop by any time” attitude. You can only be available to the masses during public appearances, which should be strictly limited in time and scope. Appear in cities they have to travel to, and only for X number of days or hours. Even your inner circle should have times when they cannot reach you.

Membership layers:

Base layer is farthest away (down) from personal contact. People who have read your books, seen your videos, taken your non-personal courses. They should aspire to the next layer, which is many-to-one face time (like personal instruction at a conference). Those people can aspire to closer association (few-to-one instruction). Each layer should have a higher and higher cost, which must consist of something other than – or at least in addition to – cash.

Purchase levels:

You should have multiple products or services with higher and higher costs. Mass products should be the least expensive, while the most expensive should be the most exclusive and the most difficult for an initiate to attain.


“Our product/service/information is not like anything else out there. Our people (the initiates) are not like other people. YOU are different, THIS is different, and here are the differences. . .” (Flame broiled burgers VS square patties VS not-a-burger sliced beef VS. . .)

Do not sell:

Make info products (books, videos, online courses) available to buy, but do NOT go selling door-to-door (literally or metaphorically). Create “bait” for potential initiates to consume and make them interested in coming to you. Refusing to sell is both a way to differentiate yourself from others and to set yourself above them in the eyes of your prospects.



People & place names:

Personal names make the story real. Failure to mention names can make the lister feel subconsciously that you are lying or omitting the truth. Specific numbers & dates help.

High & low points:

Your heroic journey must be cathartic for your audience. It must take them on a roller coaster ride. A large part of “the experience of you” is entertainment.


Your heroic story must be easy for you and your listeners to remember. It must be short and to the point, repeatable by either of you in under one minute. However, you need a medium-length and a longer version for more appropriate times.


Your story (and most of your other marketing materials) will rapidly come to bore you, as they must not substantially change once you boil them down to the most effective version. You will become bored, but you must deliver the script each and every time as if you are excited to share it for the very first time. A prospect may have to hear your story a dozen times before it knocks down the wall of their resistance. Initiates will love repeating it for you to prospects and newer initiates. Your story is not for you, but for attracting prospects, and for reinforcing the correctness of an initiate’s choice.




Being certified as genuine or important by an organization makes the information, product or service the initiate buys that much more valuable.

Fans & detractors:

You must have both fans and detractors, and acknowledge both. Detractors make your initiates feel more invested in having chosen you. Fans are your main marketing tool – they must talk about you, promote you, so that you can remain humble.

Uniforms & props:

Each membership layer should have its own uniform and/or accoutrements. Never be seen driving a cheap car if you’re selling wealth. Never be seen in a suit if you’re selling the simple life. From small to large, all trappings and clothes must match your message.

Definite opinions:

You must have definite opinions, and express them publicly. This is a way for your prospects to self-select – they either follow you or they don’t. The ones that self-select for you are more likely to buy your higher-priced options. The ones who disagree with you may still talk about you, which is getting your message to an even wider audience.

Free 06: The Story Of Dave

Dave Johnson ran a small rug cleaning business in Central City. He had a name for the business that told clients exactly what he did – Dave’s Superior Carpet Cleaning. After doing some research on what other cleaners in the area charged, he determined that his rates were right in the middle – not too high, and not too low.

Dave had higher aspirations, though. He wanted to do better than just squeek by. He wanted to make enough money to support his family comfortably, but he also wanted to have the time to spend with them. Dave wanted to make more money than his competition, and work fewer hours. He saw some of the cleaning businesses in other cities with their large, flashy trucks and new he could do just as well himself.

While Dave was looking for help, he came across – Agile’ Marketing’s training system on increasing his wealth as a Recognized Expert. Dave looked it over and decided that the cost was worth it, and he’d give it a try.

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